Book Review – The Toymaker and the Bird – By Pamela Allen

The Toymaker and the BirdAre there pictures on the cover?  What do they show you?

Yes, there is a colourful and musical picture on the cover. It looks like many blue and green birds are captivated by a man playing his violin.

What do you think will happen next?

I think the Toymaker wants the Bird to stay so they can play wonderful music together.

What was the story about?

The story was about a Toymaker who could make wonderful music by himself until one evening he found a bird that could make the most wonderful music ever. When they played together they made the best music ever in the world. One day the Toymaker put the Bird in a cage so they could be friends for ever. But the Bird wasn’t happy at all. The Bird never sang when the Toymaker played his violin.

A few days past until the Toymaker found out the Bird wasn’t happy. So the Toymaker slowly opened the cage door. In seconds the Bird was flying away and they never met again.