Cinderella turns to Fire & Water Balloons

CinderjpgStory time today started with Cinderella.  It’s an old classic that my daughter has heard many times.  We chat about Cinders resilience in life,  her grumpy jealous Step Mother and Step Sisters, who embark upon making her existence a chore.  Nadine declares, if she were Cinderella she’d call the police.

Princess Nadine, is a princess by name and by nature. Just ask her!!!! HaHa.  But when I invite her to tell me the story, her inquisitive side  bounded out ‘Let’s do an experiment with balloons and fire!’

The Princess has requested ‘Fire and water’


Water absorbs heat- Experiment 

Questions posed:

  • What would happen if the sun was closer?
  • What would happen if the Sun was further away?
  • What would happen to the colder regions of the world?
  • What would happen to our animals and plants?
  • Do our Oceans help us in any way?


  • Balloons filled with water
  • Balloons filled with air
  • Flame eg. Candle

Fireproof Balloon

Place the balloon filled with water over the flame. Count to 5. The balloon does not burst.








Now try this with the air filled balloon(be ready for a loud bang).






Water absorbs heat quickly.  This prevents the balloons from bursting.  Our Earth has vast amounts of water that absorbs a huge amount of heat from our Sun.   What would happen to our Planet if we had smaller Oceans or none at all?

Doing these experiments is immense fun. The kids will ask to do these again and again.  Each time a little more is learned, a few more questions asked and ‘What if? ‘ scenarios created.




Roll the Dice Book Review

Book reviews with a reluctant writer.

Many books are read in our house in any given week.  Close proximity to our local library saves us a fortune.  Especially, once children reach the age of only wanting to read a book once.  Unlike the younger ones, who latch onto a favorite and have you read and reread them for weeks or months. Fantasy and Fairy-tales are current favourites.

We discussed various way of recording our reviews. I printed off some child friendly review sheets, but the option with a dice won outright.

To begin our book review journey, we decided to keep our books short. The type you can read and discuss in 10-20mins.  Remember, I’m trying to encourage a kids who thinks writing is one of life’s great wastes of his precious youth.

Rory our avid reader, always prefers to do the reading.  We follow by  spending a few minutes discussing the theme, characters, setting, morals etc. The it play time!


3 wooden dices wooden cube wooden block wood toy eco - wood toy eco friendly craft for kids-f39730

Roll the Dice Book Review

We use a series of 18 questions, divided into 3 groups.

Phase 1-Before Reading

Phase 2-During Reading,

Phase3 -After Reading

Each player rolls the dice and answers the corresponding question.  We have started with one question each per person, per phase.  Aiming to increase to two questions each per phase over time.

Roll again if both players land on the same number. This way you will experience a comprehensive discussion/review.

Before Reading

  1. Does the title give you any clues?
  2. What do you think you will learn from reading this book?
  3. What do you think the book is about?
  4. What does the blurb tell you?
  5. What kind of book is it?
  6. Are there pictures on the cover? What do they show you?

During Reading

  1. What has happened so far?
  2. what do you dislike about the book so far?
  3. what do you think will happen next?
  4. What do you like about the book so far
  5. What would you do?
  6. Where is the story set?

After Reading

  1. How did the book end?
  2. What did you think about the ending?
  3. What was the story about?
  4. What was the main theme of the story?
  5. What have you learnt from the story?