News Report: Sharks terrify Agnes Water Beach goers

Sharks spotted close to shore, lifeguard puts up red flags for Beach goers.


It started out as another magnificent morning on the Beach at Agnes Water.  People were going for for there early morning swim, while nippers were doing there Sunday morning training.

Just before 10am, the lifeguard put off a siren, to get everyone’s attention.  He announced using a megaphone, an immediate evacuation of the water.

A regular visitor to Agnes, Rory Harkness,  was witness to the mornings event.  “The sound of the siren made me confused and nervous” he said.  He watched as the lifeguard quickly knocked down the red and yellow safe to swim flags.  He was trying to figure out why  “the lifeguard was doing doughnuts with his jetski  close to shore”.

Two sharks were spotted about 50m offshore.  Local Lifeguard, Julia Davis advised this was an isolated incident.  It was unusual to see sharks at Agnes Beach.

The beach remained closed for the rest of the day.