Pocket Money Statistics

A couple of days ago  my Dad found me counting my pocket money.  He asked me to start again, but instead of count up the total, I was to count how many of each denomination.

A denomination is: each type of coin I had.

I counted them up and below are my results. We then calculated the total for each denomination.  And finally the grand total: at first, I didn’t know how we were going to do it.  But when I was shown, it all made sense


Then we drew some graphs using the information above: we had to type in the amount of each denomination, and this is what I got.

Bar Graph

Money Count Bar Graph

The graph above shows …. the amount of each coin.  You can see that I have 2$ the most, then any other coin.

The next graph highlights the total of each coin.  Like there is 23 2$ coins.  But the total is 46$.

Money Total Bar Graph

Pie Graph

Total Money Pie Chart

The pie graph clear demonstrates that … the pie graph shows that the 2$ coins is just a tiny bit over half way.

From creating these graphs I have learnt…. instead of counting my money, I’ll just let the computer count it for me.  There is a lot of 2$ coins around the house.  I have learned what a denomination is.  I also learned what a pie graph is, and that’s about it.

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