The dingo is Australia’s wild dog. Dingoes arrived in Australia about 5,000 years ago, from Indonesian  seafarers.

(Canis lupis dingo)

Dingoes are a medium sized dog and weigh 13-24 kg, with males usually heaver.  A normal male stands at 53-62 cms.  The colour of a dingo is sandy yellow to red ginger.

Usually dingoes have white markings on there paws, tail tip and chest.  They have pricked ears so they can hear good and a bushy tail.


In the past, most dingoes live on the mainland of Australia, but now most wild one’s are in Tasmania. Dingoes live in alpine, woodland, desert and tropical regions.


Dingoes best prey would be Wallaby and Kangaroo, but it also eats rabbit’s, possum’s, glider’s, rat’s and mice.  Dingoes are found at dusk and dawn, when their prey is awake.


The live cycle of the dingo happen’s once a a year from March to June.  Dingoes have 4 to 6 pups, and have to leave their packs in less than a year.


wombat stewWombat Stew is a funny story about a Dingo that was going to cook a wombat.  Wombats friends, saved him by making the stew disgusting and Dingo thought he was poisoned.






Rhyming poems inspired by Wombat Stew.

Wombat stew, Wombat stew,

Icky sticky,

Munchy crunchy

Wombat stew!

Wombat stew, Wombat stew,

Prickle tickle,

Bristle fistle,

Wombat stew!

Kookaburra pie,

Kookaburra pie,

Oh so feathery,

Laughing terribly,

Kookaburra pie!

Lizard toast, Lizard toast,

Oh so crunchy,

Always munchy,

Lizard toast!



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