Our Trip

This true story start’s one Tuesday evening when we were coming back from swimming lesson’s.  I was feeling excited, my first surfing lesson was tommmorrrrow!

When we arrived at home,  we finished off the rest of the packing that needed to be done.

Not long after we arrived, Dad came back from work.  Dad went to have a shower.  When Dad was dressed  everyone was ready to leave.  So off we left.

It was a short drive to a place called Benaraby.  Benaraby was a small place.

A little while later, we arrived at a place called Miriam Vale.  Somewhere in the middle of Miriam Vale, we turned left.

About an hour later, we finally arrived at Agnes Waters.  We went to the place that we were staying  at.

We had to move house  because the bed’s weren’t made.  So we moved to our next house.  Dad brought in some thing’s.  Then everyone went to bed.


It was Wednesday morning, and I was exited because today was going to be my first ever time doing surfing.  We got ready to go.  By about nine o clock, we arrived at the beach.  There was plenty of other kid’s.

In a few minutes, everyone went to get there board’s.  When  we got our board’s, we walk to the beach.

Slowly, everyone got there board’s.  When everyone got to the beach, we all started to practicing.

Very soon we got into the water.  So far I was having lot’s of fun.  Lot’s of the time I fell in, and not many time’s I stood up and surfed the wave.

Later, everyone had to bring there board’s back.

Luckily I had my boogie board.  I could still have fun, which was alright.

Later we went back to the house we were staying at.  Everyone had a rest after the day.

In a while we had dinner and went to bed.


It was Thursday morning and I went down stairs to have breakfast.  Mom, and my youngest sister, Olive were watching TV.

After breakfast I sat down to fully wake up.  Just then I remembered it was dad’s birthday today.

My other sister, Nadine came down the stair’s, yawning.

When dad woke up, everyone started packing up because we were leaving Agnes Waters and we were going to the beach too.

When we arrived at the beach, we met some of the people that did the surfing.

We had fun on are boogie board, catching wave’s and falling off the board.   I had lot’s of fun.

Later we got everything in the car.  We had lunch and soon left to go to Hervey Bay.

It was a long, long, drive to Bundaberg.  We only stopped to fuel up the car.  While dad fueled up the car, Nadine, Olive, mom and I had something to eat.  When dad hopped in the car we hit the road again.

A while later, we arrived at Childers.  We just drove strait past Childers.

Soon, we arrived at Hervey Bay.

We were exploring while trying to find the place we were staying at.  Quicker than I expected, we found the house.   But we had to wait for a bit, so we went down to the beach to see what it was like.

Soon we went to see if the man was there.  He was there, waiting for us.He gave us the keys, we drove the car in and had a sit down.  When we went in, we had a sit down.

Later we went to have dinner at a place with a superhero sign.  Nadine and I had pizza.  It was delicious.

Someone was having a birthday cake there.

Soon we went back to the house we were staying at.  Then we went to bed.


I woke up what seemed early, but I was the last one to wake up.  I was really  exited because we were going to a water park.

Dad said he was going to have a sleep.

When we arrived at the water park, it looked awesome.  But the water was cold.

My first go down I was frozen.  I wasn’t cold on my second go.

Nadine decided to have a go and there was a big bucket of water and she was frozen, like I was.

We had lot’s of fun playing.

Later dad arrived.  Nadine and I had a quick chat and then kept playing.

A while later we went home and dad rode a bike while we drove to the house.

We met dad a few minute’s after we arrived.  Everyone went to have a rest when we got inside.

Soon dad went to get some pizza at the place with the superhero sign.

In about half-an-hour dad came back with delicious pizza.

When we finished, we went to bed.


I woke up early, for once, but everyone was really busy.  We were very, very busy.

We brought everything out to the car and into the car.

Later we were ready to go.  So off we went home.  Which was far, far away.

We went throw the rest of Hervey Bay.  Soon we went back throw Childers.  A little while later we went back throw Bundaberg.  About half-an-hour later, we arrived at a place called Gin Gin.  We had lunch there,  then left.  Another while later, we went back throw Miriam Vale and soon Benaraby.  Are next stop was home.

I was glad to be back home.  , as soon as we got out of the car we saw a parcel.  And it was for me, because tomorrow was my birthday.  Then I checked the mail, and there was mail for me.

I was so happy, I couldn’t wait to open everything.  We enjoyed the rest of the day.  Oh, and my birthday.

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