African Bullfrog

Scientific name:  Pyxicephalus  Adspursus.

The bullfrog can weigh up to 2 kilos.  Just like most animals, the male is larger than the female.  The male can grow up to 24 cm long and the female can grow up to 12 cm long.  The  bullfrogs skin color is dull green .  The male has a yellow throat and the female has a cream throat.  The bullfrog has very strong hind legs to dig holes in the ground.

During the dry season the bullfrog makes a cocoon to survive the heat and so it doesn’t die.  The frog can survive in the cocoon for several months.  When the rainy season starts, the water soaks the cocoon.  Later, when the cocoon is nice and soft , the bullfrog eats it.

HABITAT:  The bullfrog is mostly found in waterholes in the countries of Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, Somalia, Mozambique, Angola, South Africa, Kenya, Rhodesia ( which is now Zimbabwe) Tanzania  and Sudan.


Where the African Bullfrog lives

Where the African Bullfrog lives

DIET:  The African bullfrog is carnivorous ( Carnivorous means carnivore).  It feeds on anything it can fit in its mouth, such as insects, small rodents, reptiles, birds and amphibians ( including other frogs).

REPRODUCTION: The African bullfrog lays 3000 eggs to 4000 eggs in shallow water.  The eggs are 2 mm long.  They are black and white and have a 4 mm jelly capsule around them.  The eggs hatch 2 days after they are laid.  18 days after they have hatched, the little frogs are 20 mm long and are able to leave the water to live on dry land.

After that happens, they are known eat each other.  Unfortunately, only 20 out of 100 females survive this way.

BEHAVIOR: The bullfrog is known to jump at animals and humans.  Because of its sharp teeth its bite can be very serious.  When the bullfrog grunts, it sounds like a deep low moo.

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